Extensive range of options.

The range of equipment available to clients is extensive; a fleet of tanks ranging in capacity from 14000 litres to specially equipped 35000 litre tanks, baffled tanks, and two and three compartment tanks. Our self-built tanks are equipped with steam and electrical heating systems to minimise reheat time after a voyage.

Through our tank manufacturing facility, design and technical expertise, we are presented opportunities to develop innovative solutions to customers' particular transportation requirements.

By operating our own transportation fleet we can offer a broad range of options to customers including pumps, compressors, tipping trailers and ultra-low loaders.

Customer requirements are met through clearly defined lines of communication aligned to stringent quality procedures, ensuring that customers are informed at all times on progress or factors affecting delivery. Allied to this quality policy is the company's maintenance and repair programme which ensures a high degree of tank security and safety as well as quality of presentation.